MGT (Multi Gas Detector)


The MGT is a united gas detector measuring four(4) major gases, which cause most of the industrial accidents, to protect workers from the disasters caused by the Oxygen deficiency, Toxic gas poisoning and gas explosion. It measures continuously four(4) gases(O2, CO, H2S and Combustible Gas(CH4) and displays their concentrations and raises an alarm(visual, vibrating, and audible) when the risk occurs. It features the dual sensor of CO and H2S.


• Small size & Light weight

• Rechargeable battery

• 30EA of Bump tests/ Events/ Cal.

• Simultaneously detect 4 different gases

• 25 hours use by one charge for 4-6 hours (P-type)

• 60 days use by one charge for 4-6 hours (N-type)

• Configuration via exclusive IR Link

• Easy check & calibration via Docking Station

• Intrinsic Safety

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